Engage with your customers effective & efficient

Engage with your customers

Lead conversion is just the beginning of your buyer’s journey (It’s a long and winding road – The Beatles). Facilitating customers with consistent relevant information (tons of data is generated every day) and accuracy (measurement) is only possible with modern tools and processes. With workflow automation, you don’t miss out on any opportunity to engage with your leads, prospects, or customers. It builds an environment of trust. Next comes the brand loyalty. The customer becomes your brand ambassador. Delight indeed!

Our Approach

Ready to take on the world? Team CloudSource will equip your support team with the right service tools – then watch your people go! Empowered with a state-of-the-art knowledge base, conversation routing, ticket automation, and chatbots; the sky’s the limit for your business.

Our Approach

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Live Chat

Team CloudSource provides your business with a live chat feature. Now your customers can get immediate information on your products and services. We have a highly experienced workforce, (the front-liners) to assist in the set turnaround time.

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Team CloudSource creates detailed reports with deep insights. Now you can visualize your customers clearly and establish guidelines for the future. Our experience in customer service allows us to highlight important metrics. We will use that and help you create strategies for achieving goals and quality service.

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Do you have a backlog of tickets? Completely overwhelmed? Grouchy customers with unanswered concerns? And some require immediate retention? Hop on our quick-fix plan! We will guide you to manage your service tickets like a pro. The Team CloudSource Solution – effective workflow automation. Every ticket is communicated appropriately based on its ticket stage.

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Conversational Bots

Team CloudSource will help build conversational bots that are smartly designed (your very own R2D2 & C3PO from Starwars?). They interact with your online visitors through chat just like real human beings! Chatbots will reduce your workload by automating routine human tasks, help answer repetitive queries, and re-route your significant clients directly to premium support.

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Knowledge Base

We have vast experience in different industries – from software to travel aggregators. With these, Team CloudSource has built a solid knowledge base. This may be a good guide for your products and services. Use it internally to support your service team, get accurate information, or educate your customers about your tools and services.

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Quality Assurance

Not many companies put a high emphasis on Quality Assurance. Why? It can be a difficult process to maintain. At Team CloudSource, we strongly believe in monitoring the service quality provided by the support team. We use modern service tracking tools. This allows your business to immediately act when necessary.

Our reports will help you gauge individual performance and create an opportunity to work on improving the weaker areas. A detailed insight helps you maintain the quality of service, and assist your support team to overcome their challenges.

Our Service Process

Identifying Key Issues

Time is of the essence. A valuable, un-renewable resource. Difficulty setting priorities? Team CloudSource will help you to identify the current challenges and work diligently to build a strategic plan –it will save you time and provide solutions for years to come. Well, at least for five years (life-span of most strategic plans). 

Support Development Plan

Based on the key issues and areas of improvement identified. Team CloudSource will design an actionable support development plan, using best practices and modern tools to increase the overall productivity of your support team.

Reporting & Analytics

As management thinker Peter Drucker said on many occasions ‘“you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” With our experience in running complex support campaigns, the reports we will generate will help you take full control of your customer’s priorities.

Customers always come first.

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