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Sales Growth

The driving force behind your business – your sales team! They are crucial in building rapport with your customers-to-be. You do have the right people on your sales team? Great. Your business will be more accessible and your company’s relationship with your customers will thrive. During onboarding, equipping your team with the right tools and resources to engage with prospects is of prime importance. We will assist in providing your sales agents with accurate data, tools, and resources. How? With inbound marketing automation and sales enablement – Team CloudSource’s strength.

The Team CloudSource Approach

Sales funnels are out-dated! At Team CloudSource we use a frictionless sales framework approach to enable your sales team with the right tools, automation, and resources. Furthermore, making sure that your sales process aligns with your buyer profiles, and finally, provide training and coaching to transform your sales team into heroes!

Simply put, remove the friction and add more force!

Sale Approach

Implementing inbound sales Automation for Teams

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Lead generation

Using the marketing process, Team CloudSource will stimulate and capture consumer interest in your service or product and establish a sales pipeline. Then, for Lead Generation, we use a myriad of digital and social media platforms. This process is ever-evolving, taking into account substantial changes arising from the rise of new online and social techniques.

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Sales training

With Team CloudSource’s Sales training modules, we will improve selling skills, educate and encourage attributes that drive behavioral changes in your Sales Team. Of course, this will ultimately maximize the success of your sales. We design the training process around your product and services (customized) to ensure relevancy. Watch Team CloudSource create live scenarios to test the sales training process – learning while having fun!.

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B2B meetings

B2B or Business to Business meetings are targeted and pre-arranged appointments where two businesses entities can meet. Team CloudSource has a vast and varied experience when it comes to B2B appointments. We have scheduled face to face meetings for individuals in real estate to webinars for large multinational software companies. Diligently, Team CloudSource will create an impactful initial communication and then focus on keeping your calendar full (until you tell us – enough!)

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Deals Pipeline

With a robust sales pipeline, you can easily forecast future developments and make strategic decisions for resource allocation. Team CloudSource loves building strong and healthy pipelines through the sales automation technique. We make sure that each deal is communicated and followed through to the end.

Through inbound sales, Team CloudSource will make your connections and interactions with prospects as organic as possible. This helps you attract new leads with methods, like meeting scheduling software, that will turn your sales experience more prospect-centric.

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Sales Cadence

Through Sales Cadence, Team CloudSource will initialize a systematic sequence of engagements or follow-ups. Sales representatives can utilize this to engage with your prospective customers. A good rhythmic sales cadence (like catchy musical notes) creates a predictable and consistent series of actions for sales representatives to execute.

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Sales Development representatives

Team CloudSource has some of the industry’s best Sales Development Representatives (SDR). They will help your business focus on outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification. Their main goal – connect with as many important leads as they can. Later, these leads will be informed about the benefits of your products.

Team CloudSource’s Sales Process

Build your ideal customer list.

Understanding your buyer profile is important in creating contact databases, the more you research your prospects the better you will get at identifying the pain-point and how you can solve it for them. Team CloudSource uses a combination of tools to build a strategic target list.

Create a SMART sales cadence

Team CloudSource’s mantra – always stay on top of leads. It’s important for your business to create a smart follow-up strategy, from the first touch-point to the last follow- up call through correct sequencing. Team CloudSource has a tested sales sequence. We carefully customize this for prospecting new leads for your business.

Measure Sales Strategy Success.

With the help of state-of-the-art sales strategies and tools, you can easily evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Team CloudSource will create actionable reports which give you insights and so we can design novel ideas for up-dating your sales plan.

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