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Remote Employees

Social distancing has shoved businesses off the cliff, forcing a mad scramble into the remote work-space. No, no, no! Remote does not mean off on a remote tropical island with a laptop on your knees and a tequila sunrise in your hand! Well, perhaps, someday?

Whether it’s allowing remote work on fixed days each week, opening up only a few positions for remote work, or establishing a 100% remote team workforce, companies of all sizes are testing the “remote work” model.

Access to great global talent, lower costs, and improved productivity make the remote workforce extremely appealing to employers. Candidates, on the other hand, enjoy flexibility, autonomy, and a better work-life balance.

About 43% of U.S. workers already work remotely to some degree (this number is expected to increase post-pandemic!), and a whopping 86% of people believe they’d be less stressed with flexi-hours.

Healthy communities, strong businesses

Team CloudSource believes in community development. Our vision – empower and provide equal employment opportunities to talented people of various determinations. The physically challenged, single parents, and senior citizens.

Healthy communities

Remarkable Remote Workers

At Team CloudSource, we take pride in providing the most compatible remote workers available in the industry. With our extensive search database criterion, we source excellent remote work candidates. A fully virtual recruitment process at your service!

How will you benefit from hiring within our curated remote workers’ database?

A Wide Talent Pool

  • Location is no longer a factor
  • Talent from both hemispheres, in different time zones
  • Remote teams cover extensive working hours. Someone somewhere is available 24/7!

Reduced Business Costs

  • Office costs (rent, workspaces, food, utilities, and office management) are negligible.
  • Research data cites that 34% of workers reported they would accept a pay cut, given an opportunity to work remotely.
  • Employers and employees both report savings – time, money, and energy!

Real-Time Updates

  • Get live updates. This refers to the number of calls answered or log in details of each employee 
  • In-depth analysis of the project’s overall performance
  • Communicate with your team via chat & calls in real-time, from wherever!

Training and Management

  • Industry-standard training is provided by Team CloudSource to a resource according to project criteria.
  • We provide stress-free management of the workers so you can focus on building your business.
  •  The resource are IT savvy and has loads of  experience in the related industry

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Our 4 Step Solution to a stress-free remote resource hiring


Hiring a remote worker is not like your conventional hiring, it includes the use of right remote tools, following a productive planned day that requires consistency. Our services make sure you source the best workers for your projects.


We will train your employees to acquire efficient business skills. Team Cloudsource wishes to approach this pandemic situation with empathy and urgency. Now is perhaps the right time to focus your efforts on employee training and customer education, not promotion?


Team CloudSource does not only recruit and train the resource but also manage them, giving you the time to focus on business more. For over 5 years we have been running and managing a remote team of more than 30 workers from 2 different continents.


Information is power. Through reporting regularly, we empower you with the strategic information in real-time. Now, when you need to make big decisions, it is data-based. Decision making – Piece of cake!

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