You do agree that it is high time for start-ups and emerging businesses to realize that inbound marketing is critical and imperative. If you don’t – stop right here!

Team CloudSource

Online businesses that thrive do so by generating exceptional customer traffic. Besides building better brand awareness, high customer traffic produces a mixture of leads. That includes high to low potentials. Now you have the opportunity to design a diverse pipeline!

What do customers really want? Effective, efficient solutions and secure transactions. Provide this and you will get a flood of happy, loyal customers. Simple. So how do you do that? Team CloudSource will provide you with tested solutions customized to your buyer journey. We will enhance your business model with strategically formulated funnels, effectively up-scaling all of your marketing campaigns.

The Team CloudSource Approach

Digital marketing may seem like a complex process indeed. The algorithms launched by Google, the dynamic drifts in social media, updates in Pay-Per-Click advertisements, and the shifts in data policy regulations – everything about digital marketing may look like rocket science!

Team CloudSource cuts through all this complexity (or clutter). Remember, we have first-hand field experience (we’ve been there – believe me!). Together, we will develop your buyer persona via robust market research. Then we will roll out the best strategies to establish inbound marketing solutions for your business.


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Get Better Leads and Double your conversion rate With the Team CloudSource INBOUND MARKETING Services

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Marketing Automation

Automation – your final frontier. Team CloudSource automates repetitive business tasks. Different software platforms and technologies are designed for this. We use multiple online channels to effectively market your business. Our Creative strategists and programmers have designed smooth automation solutions, specifically to reduce workload. We will streamline communication across sales and marketing teams by building effective workflow automation. Now your teams will have swift access to share and lock in sales!

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Digital Marketing

During unprecedented times like this pandemic, social distancing is in full force. The Internet is the only way to reach your clients, whether past, present, or future! Digital Marketing uses the internet to help you reach your consumers. Team CloudSource uses social media, search engines, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to LinkedIn to reach your desired target audiences.

Team CloudSource will make sure you spend your advertising money wisely – the right content is always broadcasted to exactly the right audience. How do we get it right? We have experience working with different industries, so we will shape and align your campaign with the latest industry trends.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an extremely convenient solution. A commercial message can be sent to just one individual or broadcasted to numerous clients. Want to send emails to your list of past, present, or potential future customers? Take your pick. Press the send button. Done! Team CloudSource uses effectively curated emails for updating customers on the latest trends, new deals, stocks, offers, packages and to request a transaction or collaboration.

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Tele-marketing professionals from Team CloudSource will interact directly with your potential clients. This hands-on-approach creates intimacy and will build a brand- image of approachability and responsiveness. Prospects will be guided through each step of the sales cycle. Team CloudSource has over 10 years of experience in executing telemarketing campaigns for SaaS and the Real Estate Companies. We can answer customers’ queries instantly- we already know what’s coming!

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Search Engine Optimization strategy will enable your website to have better quality and quantity of traffic. Team CloudSource’s expertise with SEO ensures your website has increased visibility and credibility. Your website will earn organic traffic. Reach relevant buyerswithout any more paid tools! 

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Consistent blogging will help build effective brand awareness. Besides this, your target audience receives relevant and necessary content.

Team CloudSource’s research data on blogs revealed that it is one of the most inexpensive ways to drive consumer traffic to your website. A high-quality blog brings a consistent inbound business as it helps your customers reach you effectively.

The Team CloudSource Marketing Process

Buyers Identification

Thoroughly understanding the buyer persona is critical. Team CloudSource will do this profiling with your data. It influences content creation, content strategy, and provides insight in attracting potential buyers.

Situational Analysis

Team CloudSource will first perform a content audit, competitor analysis, website audit, and keyword research related to your industry. Then, we will set the right expectations for goal setting land planning. That is the best way to set your specific, realistic, and customized Marketing goals.

Goals Setting

Team CloudSource creates SMART Goals for your Sales & Marketing plans. Short term goals are integrated with your long term ones. Setting goals aligns your overall marketing strategy, business approach, and helps you work with a guided roadmap. Of course, your business will thrive!

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